Orientation of MBBS Batch 2025

January 20, 2020, Lahore: The orientation of MBBS Batch 2025 was held at Gen. Attiq-ur-Rehman Auditorium, Fatima Memorial Hospital.

The ceremony began with an address by Prof. Dr. Bilal, Principal, FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry. He welcomed the students in his address and highlighted what makes FMH a premium brand of medical education. He added “This institution is no different to any of the public sector medical institution”. The worthy principal’s showed a video showing a strong message regarding empathy and he ended his address with a message “being a doctor is better than being a human being”

Followed by the Principal, Prof. Rakshanda Rehman, Dean SHS was called on the stage. Her address to the students focused on welcoming the students, highlighting the faculty, the facilities of FMH. She added that all you students joining FMH are among the top which is a testimony to the highest merit of FMH. The Dean wished the students the very best of luck and told them they are leader of tomorrow.

After the addresses, Prof. Naveed Ansari, Head of Pharmacology Department was invited on stage for the oath taking ceremony.

Following the Oath, host for the event, Dr. Mariam Tariq requested Dr. Farhan, MS Fatima Memorial Hospital to come on stage and shed light this esteemed institution. Since Dr. Farhan is also a graduate of FMHCMD, therefore he emphasized on the brilliant students who have graduated from this institution and are among the top doctors locally as well as internationally. He discussed his journey at FMHCMD and how the institution and hospital has progressed over the years. Dr. Farhan ended his address with welcoming to students to Fatima Memorial family

Dr. Amina Ahmed, Director Medical Education came on the stage and introduced the students to the Medical Education. She emphasized on the importance of Medical Education and how the students can cope up with mental hardships during studies. Medical Education Department has an open door policy and will assist students in overcoming the illness of learning. She also added that in addition to the outstanding faculty, we have a dedicated student affairs department which will guide you all the students regarding policies.

Mr. Amanat Rasool was also called on stage to discuss the importance of Islamic education. He emphasized on taking responsibility, the responsibility which the religion has bestowed on us. He added that students should focus on their responsibilities and obligations which will help you in achieving your goals. He added that “The most important professions are doctors and teachers. Both are one of the most respected professions. He told the students that you all are blessed to serve people. All of you should always keep your characters clean and clear so that people benefit from you. Transform yourself into a great human being and Allah will bless you with all the success.

Guest of Honor, Mr. Omar Zaman was also requested to come on the stage to address the students as a motivational speaker. He emphasized on the motto of our country i.e. Unity, Faith and Discipline. He wished students the very best of luck and focused on the oath students have taken to serve the humanity.

Lastly, the Honorable Chairperson, Executive Committee, Fatima Memorial Hospital Mrs. Shahima Rehman was invited on the stage. She thanked everyone and welcomed all the students to Fatima Memorial Family. Mrs. Shahima Rehman emphasized on FMH being a not for profit institution. We are a family and you all are part of this family. She briefed on the background of FMH. Mrs. Rehman also addressed the outreach program and the initiatives this system has taken towards the community. She ended her address with a Dua.

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