Research Cell

The FMS Research Cell is one of the key backbones of our system. It is located at the 4th floor of college building. It functions under the supervision of FMS research committee and members.



FMH Research Committee
Prof. Tayyab Abbas Advisor
Prof. Abid Ashar Advisor
Prof. Khaleeq ur Rehman Chairman
Dr. Aijaz Zeeshan Khan General Secretary (Medical)
Dr. Muhammad Bilal General Secretary (Dentistry)
Dr. Sharoon Hanook Consultant Biostatistician (Visiting)
Ms. Fareeha Kanwal Senior Biostatistician
Ali Mumtaz Coordinator


Research Committee Member

Prof. Nazia Yazdani Member
Prof. Muhammad Haroon Member
Prof. Tariq Zaman Member
Prof. Sabah Khalid Member
Prof. Faiza Aamer Member
Dr. Tayyaba Azhar Member





TORs of Research Committee

  1. Technical advice to
    1. Researchers at FMH
    2. Research proposals submitted for IRB approval
  2. Research capacity building of the students and the faculty of FMH
  3. Promotion of research culture at FMH
  4. Advisory role in any research related planning
  5. Annual research day activities
  6. Facilitation for the FMH Journal of Health Sciences
  7. Review of research proposals for fund allocation.

Contact us: Research Cell, IV floor FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry Shadman, Lahore, Punjab, Pakistan Email:, Phone: +92-111-555-600 Ext.580

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