The College library is a rapidly expanding facility, presently equipped with a book and journal section. It has more than 4000 books, subscribes to 40 international and 11 local journals, and electronic collection in the form of 250 CDs on all subjects in the field of Medical Sciences. Latest methods are being used for cataloguing and classification in library. The library has an archive section with previous issues of journals and books.

The library has access to worldwide information through the Internet. It is widely used by medical and dental students as well as the post -graduate students and faculty members. Library provides online free access to more than 2000 journals & books and also offers document delivery service to its users. Library has established the Information Resource Centre (IRC) with 100 Computers. It offers free access to full text journals from HEC databases, printing and scanning facility.

We believe and practice that education is a process of lighting a candle rather than filling an empty pail; we therefore encourage active participation of students in the learning process and stress free environment. Library is a constitute part of the learning resources at the College. Books are continuously being added as per the requirement and demand of the faculty.

Students are trained to use computer and have access to Internet as well as a sizeable collection of teaching CDs thus enabling them to self- learn.

College Library Staff
Muhammad Sajid Librarian


The Student Advisory System is implemented in order to provide academic and non-academic support to students while at FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry. The aim is to assist students in their personal and professional development and to help them deal with any possible difficulties. The functions of the Advisor include:

Meeting students early in the first year and assisting in their transition to the institution environment. Monitoring a student’s academic progress and, where appropriate, recommending remedial action so as to improve the student’s results. Acting as a source of advice and information on general student problem including personal problems. Developing interpersonal and communication skills of the students. Resolving disputes among student to create a conducive learning environment. Regularly monitoring absenteeism in the college along with Student Affairs Department and to identify and counsel students who are habitually absent.Creating an environment where students are groomed in a professional and ethical manner. Assisting students in their career, on how to prepare for interview, what to expect during an interview and how to overcome emotional aspects. (Please note that all information shared with the counselor is confidential)


There is a Cafeteria available for students where a number of different food options available on campus. The dedicated space for cafeteria comprises state of the art facilities with a wide range of food choices. The cafeterias are air conditioned and provide a range of snacks and meal options which are available to students throughout the day. In addition to the café, there is a dedicated hut providing fresh seasonal juices. The management ensures that the prices are controlled to ensure affordability and we strive to maintain the highest hygiene standards as well.


The Computer Lab is located on the ground floor of the college building and is administered by the Department of MIS at Fatima Memorial System. It consists of 100 workstations and is fully air-conditioned. The on-line Aptitude test for inducting freshmen in the FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry is conducted in this state of art lab. Online tests for the students are also conducted in the lab by different departments. It has a good collection of CDs on basic and clinical subjects as well as high-speed cable Internet connectivity. It is a popular facility for staff and students.

Rashid Mushtaq 
Manager MIS/TSG
Muhammad Rashid 
Asstt. Manager IT
Faisal Mehmood 
Network Administrator


The college facilitates separate hostels for male and female students. The hostels have wardens, supporting and security staff available round the clock. Provision of hostel accommodation is subject to availability and preference is given to candidates from outside Lahore.


College has arrangements with private vendors for pick and drop facility from homes. All students are required to abide by the parking and transport facility of the institution.

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