• The pattern of the Send up examination will be according to UHS pattern.
  • The students are required to pass Send Up Examinations of all the subjects as per the UHS examination protocol.
  • There will be no re-send up examination.
  • Candidates are advised to take the sendup honestly, ethically, and should follow all the instructions.
  • On campus send up examination will be conducted in separate lectures rooms and in groups with SOPs and social distancing. There will be 30-40 students in each batch.
  • To avoid crowding, different gates will be used for entry and exit points will be used 
  • The date sheet for send up examination along with the student batches will be shared with the students.
  • Check the exam timetable carefully. Make sure you know the time and locations of your exams.
  • The online send up examination will be conducted in an online proctored mode through BigBlueButton. 
  • It is mandatory for all students of MBBS & BDS to arrange desktop/laptop, camera and an internet connection (un-interrupted internet desirable). 
  • The online send up examination will be conducted in three sections (MCQs, SEQs # 1 & SEQs # 2) with a gap of 30 minutes in between these sections.
  • The sequential navigation mode will be used for MCQs in online sendup examination.
  • Students of all classes of MBBS & BDS will be trained for using BigBlueButton, and their other relevant issues regarding Online Examination.
  • Manual for Online Examination will be developed and shared with faculty, students and invigilators.
  • Mock examination of any one subject will be taken for all classes of MBBS and BDS. This exam will be conducted by Class Coordinators of MBBS and BDS. This will allow us to test the functioning of online system.  
  • The invigilation of the sendup examination will be done through e-proctoring; any student found cheating or involved in unfair means will be forwarded to disciplinary committee for necessary action.  
  • The examination department will monitor examination process and check that examination parameters are followed to maintain the secrecy, validity, confidentiality and accuracy, and that all the requirements and standards are observed in all the departments.
  • Students are advised to send any technical issues /grievances along with the evidence to their CR who will then forward it to HOD and examination department immediately.

The sendup examinations will be conducted on campus i.e, Plan A. However, in case of any surge in the Covid we may shift to Plan B i.e., online sendup examination for the rest of exam and classes

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The Integrated Convocation of FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry will be held on Thursday,

the November 21st, 2024 at Pearl Continental Hotel to confer degrees to the graduates of the following batches.

MBBS:  Session 2014-19 & 2015-20

BDS:     Session 2015-19 & 2016-20

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