Salient Features

Salient & Differentiating Features of MBBS & BDS Programs @ FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry

  • FMHCM&D has a Family Medicine Department which focuses on educating medical students, trainees and family physicians with an aim to develop empathetic and competent physicians, providing effective and efficient care to the community. This initiative is also meant to ensure early clinical exposure from 1styear MBBS to 4th year MBBS.
  • Regular planned and organized community visits to Nain Sukh & Malik Pur are for the students of 1stto 4th professional year of MBBS and students of 2nd professional of BDS.
  • FMH CM&D conducts weekly medical and dental CPCs to share the latest Medical and Dental researches and updates with reference to clinical cases with a multidisciplinary approach.
  • On monthly basis, MMR sessions are conducted with the involvement of final year students.
  • FMH CM&D has a department of Rheumatology and Oral Medicine, not commonly present in Medical and Dental Colleges, which further enriches their Medical & Dental education knowledge.
  • FMH CM&D have community outreach programs to provide Medical and Dental services to the marginalized community and to ensure students’ exposure to diseases prevalent in a community. Other services include free education, vocational training and micro finance in collaboration with Akhuwat.
  • FMHCM&D has a well-established department of Medical Education and a fully functional Examination Department.
  • At FMHCM&D medical education is formally addressed at undergraduate level in both MBBS and BDS in the form of self-regulated learning, metacognitive strategies, and portfolio development etc.
  • FMHCM&D has established Department of Quality Assurance with qualified personnel.
  • Parent-teacher meetings are arranged regularly to discuss performance of academic and co-curricular activities of students with their parents.
  • Monthly review of performance of MBBS and BDS student is carried out by relevant departments with students involvement. Students membership in various committees pertaining to students decisions.
  • Curriculum Committee has representation of MBBS & BDS students from all years.
  • Encouraging students participation in Research right from 1styear MBBS/BDS.
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