All students are required to follow the rules and regulations of the college given in the “Student Handbook”. Cheating, dishonest behavior, social misconduct or infractions of college rules, stealing, willful destruction of college property, use of physical force against other students, patients or staff, use of drugs, possession and use of weapons, inciting disturbances and strikes, non-payment of tuition and other fee on time without valid reason, repeated absence without permission from classes, clinics, laboratories will be referred to the disciplinary committee which will recommend appropriate disciplinary action which may result in dismissal from the college.

Students are expected to attend all classes, demonstrations, practical and clinical teaching sessions. Attendance record of each and every student is maintained by the respective departments and the Office of Student Affairs. As per University of Health Sciences and FMH College of Medicine and Dentistry rules, it is mandatory for the students to have at least 75% of the total class attendance to be eligible to appear for in UHS examinations. The admission forms of those students whose class attendance is less than 75% of the total are not forwarded to UHS.

Students should not expect to be granted leave of absence during working days, except in case of an emergency. All leaves of absence applied must be in writing and sanctioned by the College Office. A medical certificate endorsed by Medical Specialists at Fatima Memorial Hospital should accompany medical leave. A leave of absence does not mean that the student shall be marked present.

Students are expected to take care of College/Hospital property and any damage caused will be charged in full to the student/parents.

The college is not liable for loss of any valuables incurred during a student’s tenure at the Fatima Memorial System. Students are requested to safeguard their belongings.

Male students are required to wear dress shirts and trousers and formal shoes/sandals
ShalwarKameez is allowed only on Friday provided that waist coat is worm over the ShalwarKameez
Female students are expected to wear decent dress

Students are required to display Identity Cards all the times within the campus.

Students are not allowed to use mobile phones in the class, clinics or lab.

Students are strictly forbidden to indulge in political or sectarian activity. Defaulter may be referred to the Disciplinary Committee.

Smoking is prohibited in the college premises.

Drinks and eatables should be taken only inside the cafeteria
Eating and drinking inside the class rooms, labs and other functional areas are prohibited

For all social functions, written permission of the management/concerned authorities is required
Students wishing to arrange any social activity should fill in the form giving details of the number of events/parties, of students invited/attending, date and place of such social event.

Willful damage to college property is a serious offence. Students involved in such activities will be required to bear the cost of damage done.

Instructions or notices are displayed at notice/sign boards fixed at various places in the college. It is student’s responsibility to read them daily.

Students are not allowed to invite visitors or friends in the college or take them around the campus
Permission must be obtained from the Principal before inviting any guest to the college

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