Periodontology is the specialty of Dentistry that deals with the health and diseases of the structure surrounding the teeth, including gingiva (gums) and alveolar bone that holds the teeth.

At the Department of Periodontology, we believe that “prevention is better than cure”. A lot of emphasis is placed upon preventive measures like oral hygiene instructions, brushing techniques and various other methods to remove pathological deposits on the surface of teeth before the onset of active gum/periodontal disease. Students are trained to diagnose, plan and manage gum disease by various methods including scaling, root surface debridement, polishing etc.

The Department of Periodontology is the pioneer in providing post-graduate training, including the two-year MCPS and four-year FCPS program, in the subject. The postgraduate residents provide comprehensive periodontal therapy by non-surgical and surgical means. Surgeries including restoration of lost periodontal tissues e.g guided tissue regeneration, pre-prosthetic surgeries e.g. crown lengthening, ridge augmentation, plastic surgeries e.g. root coverage procedures by connective tissue grafts, free gingival grafting.

Additionally, Department of Periodontology is one of the very few institutional departments where specialist Dental Implant Practice is being practiced in lines with current international practices, including digital planning and navigational implant surgeries. From placement of a simple single dental implant at edentulous site to complex procedures like open and close sinus lift, guided bone regeneration, immediate implant placement and immediate loading of implants in suitable cases under supervision are being performed in this department.

Prof. Khurram Ataullah     
Professor and Head of Department

Dr. Zubair Ahmed Khan
BDS, MCPS, MFDS RCPS (Glasg), MSc in Oral Implantology (Germany), Diplomate ICOI, International Fellowship in Advanced Periodontics (USA).
Associate Professor

Dr. Farheen Qureshi
Assistant Professor

Clinical Training Years: 3rd Year, house job and post-graduate training (as partial requirement of FCPS Periodontology)

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