Department of Diagnostics and Oral Medicine

The Department of Oral Medicine and Diagnostics deals with the complaints of patients presenting with diseases of the oral cavity alone or as a complication of systemic disease. The Diagnostics and Radiology Department work in collaboration to deal with patients that present in the outpatient clinic. These patients are received, evaluated and referred from here to various other departments.

In the Oral Medicine Department, patients presenting with multiple orofacial conditions & lisione are addressed. This is a unique department and one of its kind in town. The early diagnosis of malignant lesions, especially squamous cell carcinomas is made and steps for prevention makes this setup a valuable entity to the hospital. Apart from malignancies, other conditions including orofacial pain, infections affecting the head and neck, mucocutaneous and ulcerative lesions are also well dealt and treated.

Dr. Maria Noor 
Assistant Professor & HOD

Dr. Zain Akram
BDS, MSc (Oral Medicine)
Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Salima Naveed Manji

Dr. Zainab Usman

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