Dental technologists are a very important part of the dental healthcare team. Their duties include fabrication and repair of prostheses, dental crowns, bridges, inlays and onlays, as well as maxillofacial surgical and orthodontic appliances. These appliances aim to restore the lost natural teeth of patients by restoring their function, phonetics and aesthetics.

The Department of Dental Technology aims to produce dental technologists that not only have a strong command over the knowledge and technical skill required in this discipline but to also instill in them a sense of strong professional ethics and dedication to lifelong learning. Our graduates leave the institute with the capability to link their theoretical and technical learning with the ever changing needs of the advancing world of dentistry.


Associated Department in FMH College of Dentistry

Fatima Memorial College of Dentistry has a fully functional dental technology lab where all prostheses are fabricated under the supervision of highly trained dental professionals and technologists as part of students’ practical training.


Career Opportunities Upon Graduation

BSc. (Hons) Dental Technology program is designed to provide graduates with the foundation needed to assume leadership in the field of dental technology. These technologists usually work in dental laboratories independent of dental offices. Opportunities to work in institutions such as universities, colleges and hospitals that offer dental technology services are also available. Postgraduate general and specialist certification training opportunities for dental technologists are also offered across the world.


Materials & Equipment

Dental technologists must be able to work with ease with laboratory equipment and related materials including dental waxes, porcelain ceramics, casting metal and wrought alloys, denture acrylic resins, gypsum products, stainless steel and other metals and alloys.

Our dental laboratory is well-equipped with the latest machines in designated separate areas necessary to aid in the dental technician’s learning. These include cast trimmers, porcelain and casting furnaces, induction metal casting machines, open and closed curing tanks, dental lathes and micro motors, polishing and sand-blasting units.

Dr. Aneela Qaiser

BDS, M.Phil

Assistant Professor, Course Coordinator DT


Dr. Farrukh Mumtaz Rana

BDS, MCPS (Operative Dentistry), 

Diploma Operative Dentistry 

Associate Professor Oral Biology (Dental 



Dr. Sidra Haleem

BDS Demonstrator (Dental Technology)


Muhammad Ahmad Ali

B.Sc. (Hons) Dental Technology (UHS) 

Demonstrator (Dental Technology)

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