1:Health Services

All students at the FMHCMD are eligible to use preventive and therapuetic health services at Fatima Memorial Hospital including emergency care according to the laid down existing policy.


2:Student Counseling Services

The student counselor available at the FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry provides services related to social and emotional issues. The services offered cover a wide array of issues such as stress and anger management, psychological issues, suicidal tendencies and cases of harassment etc. There are no prescribed conditions that predispose the use of the counseling service and can be accessed for help for either concerns around studies or work-based incidents or personal circumstances.


3:Career Guidance & Counseling Services

The Office of Career Guidance Service is available in Department of Medical Education to ease the transition from study to employment for current students by offering mentorship, career counseling and coaching in order to meet the students’ individual needs.


4:Financial Counselling

Financial counselling refers to counselling for student facing financial concerns, such as difficulties paying college fees on time.

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