FMHC Dramatics Club presented Drama Fest 2014

The FMHC Dramatics Club presented Drama Fest 2k14 which featured students FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry and FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences The Drama Fest 2k14 featured five plays, 5 short movies, lucky draw, musical session which was followed by a prize distribution ceremony. The plays included “Wake up before we never wake up” – A short play to make people realize that life is too short and we should prepare ourselves for the life here after. “Mad House” – A story on an asylum, “Pukaar” – An original Urdu play which paid tribute to the people of Thar and portrayed their current living conditions; a satire tinged with humor and music to highlight the plea of the community. This was followed by “Pakistan ka matlab kya” – a historical play which portrayed the formation of Pakistan, the separation of Bangladesh and the current issues faced by the country with a message of hope for the future. Next was “Mera Pakistan” – A Punjabi play which chronicles the journey of Pakistani who comes back home from after staying abroad but despite all the difficulties he faces he chooses to remain in his homeland. The play hoped to convey the message of resilience, hope and the love for the motherland The last play showcased was “Ye watan hamara hai” – A story about ambition in which a doctor emigrates from the country but comes back focusing on the central theme of patriotism. The Annual drama fest was organized by the Faculty Patron Dramatics Club – Prof. Abid Ashar, Dramatics Club President – Muhammad Bilal Tahir and the students of FMH College of Medicine & Dentistry and FMH Institute of Allied Health Sciences The results of the drama fest 2k14 were as follows; Drama: Winner: Pukaar (final year MBBS) Runners up: Ye watan hamara hai (1st year mbbs) Best actor: Muhammad Bilal Tahir (final year mbbs) Best actress: Shehar bano (BDS) and Zamina (AHS) Best movie: Zinda hoon (DPT)
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