Department Of Oral Biology

Oral Biology is multidisciplinary branch of dentistry that deals with the development, growth, form and function of the oral and craniofacial structures. Because of its multidisciplinary nature, the subject includes the knowledge of anatomy, physiology, genetics, cell and molecular biology. The knowledge is applicable to all the clinical dentistry disciplines and critical for preparing the students to face the challenges associated with the treatment planning and diseases prevention in all specialties.

Tooth Morphology is a specialized anatomy concerned with the shape and morphological aspects of each tooth in the dentition. The knowledge is useful for achieving best clinical results when rearranging or restoring the teeth

Dr. Farrukh Mumtaz
BDS, MCPS, Diploma Operative Dentistry
Associate Professor/HOD

Dr. Sehrish Javaid
Assistant Professor

Dr. Nedal Iqbal
BDS, MPhil
Senior Demonstrator

Dr. Tooba Farooq

Dr. Rai Sadaf Nawaz

PG Induction 2018 Registration